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Challenging Behaviour/ Mental Health

About this course

This course is suitable for those working with adults, young people or children that show signs of aggressive, self-harming or destructive behaviour. On completion of this course you will feel more confident in dealing with difficult situations, minimising risks and building positive relationships. The course will cover as well: communication techniques, de-escalation , understanding behaviour, stress factors and personal safety.

Course Information

Course Title Challenging Behaviour/Mental Health
Course Type Non-Accredited
Programme Duration 6 Hours
Mode of Attendance Full Time
Mode of Delivery Face-to-Face Lectures
Course Language English
Location Zebbug, Malta
  • Aged 16+ upon entry of course
  • Communicate using oral and written English

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Learning Outcomes for Knowledge obtained at the end of the programme:

The learner will be able to:

  1. Deal with individuals displaying behaviour that challenges 
  2. Comply with all the relevant policies and procedures 
  3. Intervene and diffuse conflicts


  1. Mental health and mental illness
  2. Understanding human nature and behaviour
  3. Group dynamics
  4. Helping skills
  5. Child and adolescents
  6. Dealing with challenging behaviour
  7. Building a therapeutic relationship
  8. Psychiatric emergencies
  9. Learning disabilities
  10. Substance abuse
  11. Mental health rehabilitation

There is only one module in this course which will equip the learners with the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to support individuals with intellectual disability displaying behavioural challenges.

Learning Hours:

  • Contact hours: 6

Existing professionals or parents who may want to further their knowledge/career in the care sector can amplify their skills and knowledge of this topic with our non-accredited short course in Challenging Behaviour/Mental Health Course, and it could make all the difference in escalating your career path.

Licence Number: 2019-010

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